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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bond that can not be severed

things that have changed.
something that rocked my world, in one of those big/small ways, was reading the book, "the power of the praying parent" by stormie o'martian. i have been praying over our kids with intent. praying that they not only love one another but that they will have a bond and friendship that can not be severed. that God will put a hedge of protection around them. that He would send His angels to protect us. that they will crave to seek and desire His heart and that they will see Jesus shine from my husband and i.
so pumped that the church community that we are apart of is striving to be outta the box like Jesus. to be who Jesus has formed/made and called each of us to be. so today, instead of going to church... we went and served as a community of Jesus followers at western michigan therapy ( ) to help them get ready to house women that need shelter and restoration in many forms. our kids came and cleaned and caught the vision.
on the way home the kids were dreaming about where they were going to live and what they were going to do when they grew up. ayla (our five year old) loves animals. she wants to have a farm with all sorts of animals and grow food. she said that merrick (our nine year old), will of course, live next door w/ his wife (who will be her friend) and he will work building the barn and their houses and drive the tractor with her husband.
i love that they're dreaming big.. and they're dreams that they can obtain! we talked about what type of degree and university will help them accomplish their dreams and what type of husband and wife they think God desires for them.
it amazes me that they love each other... God is working in their lives... i see it. i feel it.
Thank you Lord for these moments. Let me savor them... for i know they are fleeting and they will soon be living on their 50+ acres w/ their own families...

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Jen Wags said...

I love it. Its so awesome to listen to our kids dream too. I am so thankful to be journeying with you in life. God is so Good!