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Monday, October 24, 2011

When Do We Need Revival?

As i have mentioned... a lot... there is something stirring to my very core. seriously... God is revealing to me more and more every day who i am. who He has made me to be. HE MADE ME AND KNOWS "ME"! my prayer... every day... is that He will continue to show me who i am and who i am not. that lies that i have been believing about myself or have been taught throughout my years... will be stripped away! I FEEL FREE! there is not a list anymore where i am unable to check the check's. i have held that list all my life... and i will never be THAT GIRL! I am becoming and realizing WHO I AM. is this crazy??? I want to leave a legacy. i want to be apart of a revival that is going on. there is a revolution that is happening still... do you feel it?? 2012 years ago... Jesus Christ changed history. he got rid of the check list of do's and do not's. he said to the man hanging on the cross next to him, "today, I will see you in paradise." the disciples that SOLD HIM OUT before they "got it"... Jesus came back. They saw the imprints on his palms and his feet. They DIED FOR THIS REVOLUTION! They breathed and lived this revolution out.

Lord Jesus... i get it... i get it... i get it. CONSUME ME WITH YOUR SPIRIT. Do not let me utter one word more... or one word less than you desire for me to speak. I want to be filled with your Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit fill me with Your joy, Your peace, Your self control. i want to BREATH YOU! Keep me hyped up and shine like the noon-day sun so i will leave a legacy that will exemplify YOU. In Jesus name... amen.

It's here! God is showing up.

Tomorrow night... the first Legacy Conference meeting is being held. We'll be meeting at Family Bible Church in Roosevelt Park, Muskegon, MI. Chat with your friends... it's not an exclusive meeting. Car pool!
If you feel like you're suppose to be apart of "this" but are unable to make this meeting... let's set up a time to talk! Facebook me!
Please do not hesitate to get a hold of me for further directions, information, or just to chat. Please continue to cry out to God! As a fellow friend and Legacy Lady, Lee, posted: "Friends, follow the link. Follow the link. Follow the link! Do you need revival as I do?"

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