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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


"Our God here and NOW... we are the body of OUR GOD!" 
this is my anthem... feel it???? listen...

never caught "this" before. we do not have to SEARCH... WONDER what to do. He has it all planned out. He's already prepared our "what to do's"??!!?? we just need to HOP ON THE BANDWAGON! Where ya taken me Jesus? How are you going to fuel my flame today? What do you want me to do... go? Reveal YOUR PERFECT PLANS that you have prepared FOR ME!
Love my Heavenly Father. Amazing.
Let this REVOLUTION continue... s p a r k ! 

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Jen Wags said...

Inspiring post and song. Pulled out my journal from the spring of 2001 - Where I journaled about my struggles of needing a good Christian friend... The more of that journal that I read, the more I realize that 2001 was a turning point for my faith. xo